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Mr. Al Heaver C.O. (c)
Mr. Heaver has worked in the Prosthetic and Orthotic field for over thirty years gaining great experiences and skills along the way. He is a graduate of Ohio University B.Sc. and George Brown College Prosthetics and Orthotics program. He has been a member of the Canadian Board for Certification on Prosthetics and Orthotics since 1976. Mr. Heaver has worked at the Bloorview Children’s Hospital in Toronto and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton. His background is extensive in bracing and splinting paediatric and adult patients. He has worked with children for many years which has involved the use of different types of mobility aids. Mr. Heaver has also been a consistent contributor to the field by presenting papers to the American Congress of Prosthetics & Orthotics, Canadian Association of Prosthetics & Orthotics, and has been involved in research at the University of Alberta and also co-authored “Digest on Prosthetics & Orthotics.” In addition he has been a part time educator at the British Columbia Institute of Technology - school of Prosthetics and Orthotics. Mr. Heaver has many personal interests with a strong connection to downhill skiing and overall personal health. He has given instruction to many disabled and able bodied individuals and was a member of the Canadian National Alpine Skiing Team. In addition he is the past president and sports director for the Alberta Amputee Sports and Recreation Association.
Mr. David Mueller C.O. (c)
Mr. Mueller is the newest member to our team however he is not new to the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics. He has been involved in the field of Orthotics since 1990, and is a graduate with Honours of both the Technical and Clinical Orthotic and Prosthetic programs from George Brown College in Toronto. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Mueller has worked at the Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre, the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton as well as the Regional Hospital in Saint John, New Brunswick providing service to a diversified range of pediatric to geriatric patients, from 3 months to 100 years of age. Working closely with a Neurosurgeon in New Brunswick, he helped develop a successful orthotic treatment protocol for children with plagiocephaly and other head shape anomalies, providing treatment to infants throughout the Maritimes. He has worked in all aspects of the field with large numbers of polio, cerebral palsy, spina-bifida, CVA, and inpatients in hospitals. He has served on both the Alberta and Canadian associations for Prosthetics and Orthotics, and has been an examiner for the National certification exams for the past seven years. We are excited to have Mr. Mueller join our clinic and hope you can take advantage of the skills he brings to our team.
Mr. Kevin Shopland C.O. (c)
Mr. Shopland joined Karl Hager Limb & Brace in 2006 after job shadowing our head Orthotist and past clinic owner, Mr. Frank Hayday C.P.O. (c). At the time Mr. Shopland had recently graduated from the University of Calgary with a B.Sc. in Kinesiology.  After gaining interest in the Prosthetic and Orthotic field, he pursued one of the few available spots in the Orthotic and Prosthetic program offered at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Following his successful completion of the two year program, Mr. Shopland began his two year residency working with his colleagues and supervisors Mr. Frank Hayday C.P.O. (c) and Mr. Al Heaver C.O. (c). Mr. Shopland has since become a Certified Orthotist and has a special interest in sports medicine and lower extremity Orthotics. He is an avid triathlete and skier, and has competed in many multisport endurance events and is a two time Ironman finisher.

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