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“My heels hurt in the morning and my feet ache when I stand. What can I do to prevent this?”

The best way to figure out what is happening here is to see your doctor and get a prescription to come see a Certified Pedorthist.  Your Certified Pedorthist will perform a thorough assessment to determine your needs and discuss what options with you. There are many options available; however, not all may be suitable for you.  During this free appointment we will complete a gait assessment looking at what your feet do when you stand, when you walk, and how the muscles move around the joints of your feet and ankle.  From there we can set up a treatment plan.  The most common treatment plans include stretching of your calf muscles, icing the bottom of the feet, wearing slippers or sandals around the house, and using off-the-shelf or custom-made foot orthoses to reduce tension in the feet.


Steve Stredulinsky, B.Sc.Kin., C.Ped.(c)

Certified Pedorthist


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