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Stock Knee Braces


Hg80 Knee Sleeve

MUELLER-exclusive HYDRACINN™ fabric is the moisture-wicking catalyst for maintaining superior support with heat management.  Base sleeve is made of antimicrobial fabric that is uniquely breathable, extremely soft to the touch with flatlock seams, and features a conforming hourglass design.  Inner grip strips complete the anti-sweat/non-slip design to help prevent brace migration and preserve high-performance support.

GenuTrain Knee Braces

These new and innovative products are now available at Karl Hager Limb & Brace including the GenuTrain series for common knee issues. These German engineered and manufactured medical goods are unlike anything else in the marketplace. What makes these products so unique is the one piece medical grade compression active knit and the various viscoelastic pads that most designs contain.

Some of the specific features of the braces include:
1)      Integrated Donning Aid - makes the product significantly easier to put on.
2)      Soft Popliteal Area - a particularly thin active knit fabric at the hollow of the knee which increases wearing comfort, especially during movement.
3)      Sizing Option - wide range of sizing options that includes eight different sizes.
4)      Relaxed edges - the compression applied by the support eases off at the edges.
5)      Breathable - the one piece active knit is gentle on the skin and regulates moisture levels.

Deluxe Knee Sleeve

For excellent control of patella problems. Can be supplied with or without knee joints. Suitable for mild ligamentous conditions.

C.P.S. Knee Wrap

This wrap controls patella tracking. Has medial/lateral buttress and straps. Suitable for subluxation, dislocation of the patella or medial/lateral malalignment of the patella.

Over Sleeve

Can be used in conjunction with rigid knee brace. This sleeve can be worn over your knee brace as protection for wearer's of custom rigid knee orthosis.


A material blend of supplex and lyrca provides a soft, wicking material that promotes a better knee brace wearing experience.

POLYSPORT Prophylactic Knee Orthosis

We have experienced success using this orthosis for patients with unicompartmental osteoarthritis that do not require a full contact knee orthosis.  It's more comfortable and less bulky, but remember, it doesn't offer the same support as the Neutralizer OA.

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