Klenz Sanitizer

With the KLENZ Mulit purpose Sanitizer, now you can sanitize anything that previously was rarely or never cleaned because traditional cleaning methods could have damaged it. By sanitizing with the KLENZ Multi purpose Sanitizer you minimize the risk of infection, illness, and odour. 

Simply place an item inside a KLENZ Sanitizer and press START. The advanced Nano Silver & Ozone System bombards bacteria for 20+ minutes, ensuring microbes inside a KLENZ are eradicated.

Our KLENZ Multi Purpose Sanitizer can use heat or no heat and uses no liquids or dangerous chemicals. KLENZ gives maximum protection against germs with minimum effort and zero risk to your possessions.

Using our KLENZ Multi Purpose Sanitizer with your knee brace, foot orthotics, and other items on a routine basis will help reduce odours.  Please call for details on our sanitizing options.

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