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We are a comprehensive Orthotic & Bracing facility offering many stock items and custom braces.  Please call our office to inquire if we have a brace or support you may be looking for.

Foot Orthotics
For many people, foot discomfort can be a debilitating experience affecting their every day activities. In general the feet are very complicated structures consisting of numerous bones, muscles, and other tissues that constantly handle shock-absorbing requirements while moving us from one place to the next. In most cases this discomfort can be prevented with a pair of foot orthoses. The relief provided is obtained by providing support to the structures of the feet utilizing various materials and casting techniques. After conducting a thorough assessment the Certified Orthotist determines what materials and casting technique to use. It is important to review each patient’s condition independently to be able to provide the correct foot orthoses for their pathology.

Ankle Braces

We have different styles of ankle braces available that can be used with various sporting activities.  A Certified Orthotist will again assess you and select the best brace for the various activites you participate in.

Pediatric Orthopedic Care

Over the years Karl Hager Limb & Brace has established itself as a leader in the treatment of various orthopedic conditions using custom made devices. During this time, many people were not aware of our capacity to work with children for their bracing needs. Our technical experience is vast, but from time to time we can provide greater benefit to our patients by outsourcing to leading companies for their particular expertise.  Cascade Dafo is one of those companies.

As the leader in innovation, design, and manufacturing of dynamic orthoses for children, Cascade Dafo, Inc. introduced the first Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis (DAFO®) more than 25 years ago. Focused on the mobility challenges of young patients, the entire company is passionate about helping children lead healthier, happier lives.

Their products are primarily geared toward pediatric patients, most of whom have neuromuscular challenges, but many adults also benefit from their innovative design concepts. We also believe, just like Cascade, that better mobility gives all children and adults a wider range of experiences, more success in the activities they choose, and ultimately more control over their lives. At Cascade, product design, technical support, educational programs for practitioners, and research and development are all focused on improving the effectiveness of our braces and the patient experience. Cascade has numerous options in regards to what they can produce but here are three designs we commonly use.

Clubfoot AFO Treatment

Clubfoot is a common birth defect that affects one in 1000 babies.  The term clubfoot is used when a baby is born with one or both feet twisted inward and pointing down.  Clubfoot is not painful and early treatment can correct almost all cases.

Working alongside the rehabilitation team from the Stollery Children's Hospital Clubfoot Clinic, we are pleased to provide follow up care once the casting and other procedures are completed.

If you would like to meet one of our Orthotists and discuss the treatment plan for your son or daughter please do not hesitate to book a no charge consultation.  Beside are the various Ponseti-Mitchell Orthoses that we provide showing the standard adjustable bar and the Dobbs bar which promotes more active movement.

Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO/Leg Brace)

Ankle foot orthoses (AFO’s) play an integral role in the management of foot drop/drop foot for a variety of different pathologies. With a wide range of options available for designs and materials, the function of each AFO can be finely tuned to meet the individual needs of each user. Although the requirements of each individual may differ, providing an AFO that facilitates the safest and most energy efficient movement pattern is the primary goal.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO)

These orthoses are availble in many different styles and are custom made.  We manufacture the KAFO's typically using plastic and graphite.

Our office is also certified to manufacture and supply a KAFO using the Horton Stance Control knee joint.  This knee joint is very advanced and allows those that have difficulty in walking to do so safely and more efficiently.

The Carbon IQ joint system uses a proven technical thermoplastic strengthened with carbon fibre. Offering both the benefits of plastic and carbon unified to form an innovative, high-quality material combination for knee and ankle joints. The NEW Carbon IQ joint system is lightweight, strong, durable, safe and easy to lock.
It is approved for a body weight of 220lbs. Indications include partial or complete paralysis of the leg muscles requiring fitting with an orthosis to ensure safe standing and walking. This joint system can be used for various purposes, such as cerebral palsy, post-polio syndrome, frontal and sagittal ankle/knee axis deviations, spina bifida, or traumatic paraplegia. General nerve lesions: loss or weakness of the dorsiflexor or plantar flexor muscles; deficiency or weakness of the knee extensor muscles or also candidates for this new technology.
Used in combination with our prepreg carbon fiber laminations there is no lighter or supportive system available. For more information on the CarbonIQ joint system or other Ottobock products, please contact Karl Hager Limb & Brace at 780-452-5771 ext. 0.

Klenz Sanitizer

With the KLENZ Mulit purpose Sanitizer, now you can sanitize anything that previously was rarely or never cleaned because traditional cleaning methods could have damaged it. By sanitizing with the KLENZ Multi purpose Sanitizer you minimize the risk of infection, illness, and odour. 

Simply place an item inside a KLENZ Sanitizer and press START. The advanced Nano Silver & Ozone System bombards bacteria for 20+ minutes, ensuring microbes inside a KLENZ are eradicated.

Our KLENZ Multi Purpose Sanitizer can use heat or no heat and uses no liquids or dangerous chemicals. KLENZ gives maximum protection against germs with minimum effort and zero risk to your possessions.

Using our KLENZ Multi Purpose Sanitizer with your knee brace, foot orthotics, and other items on a routine basis will help reduce odours.  Please call for details on our sanitizing options.

Compression Socks

We are pleased to now offer VenoTrain medical compression socks from Bauerfeind. Various colours and
styles available for daily use and sport activities.

VenoTrain medical compression socks cover all uses/indications associated with modern compression therapy and also offer clinically proven effectiveness, unique material properties, and patient oriented modern designs.

The Perfect-Fit sizing system developed by Bauerfeind on the basis of digital leg measurements offers unique flexibility in ensuring that medical compression socks from the standard product range fit perfectly.

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