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Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder


As mentioned before we do offer many different stock and custom supports.  For a no charge assessment please call our office for an appointment.

Wrist Supports

We offer stock wrist braces and custom supports.  Most braces are manufactured using plastic or leather.  A Certified Orthotist will cast your arm for the custom wrist brace to be manufactured.

We now offer a very unique prodcut from Exos.  Exos technology is the world’s first dry heat, fully customizable, adjustable, reconformable, waterproof splinting, casting and bracing system. This revolutionary technology is designed to dramatically change the clinical practices for external musculoskeletal support and stabilization.

The technology consists of three layers of high tech polymers and foam that when laminated together create a lightweight matrix with features that have multiple benefits for our clinicians and patients. Exos products are easy to use and feature a clean, waterless application that does not require stockinette or cotton padding. They are simple to remove and do not necessitate the use of messy, loud, often disturbing cast saws. Exos products provide excellent stabilization with superior comfort for greater patient compliance.

Common applications/devices are for arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, night splint for ulnar neuropathy, thumb spica, etc.

Elbow Supports

If you have an elbow problem there are a few options on how to brace the elbow.  We do have the ability to order you a support as well as custom fabricate one for you.  After being assessed you will be advised of the best support for you.

Shoulder Supports

There are many shoulder supports available that utilize various materials.  Typically a neoprene style with non elastic straps is most common.  The type of support used would reflect the degree of the injury and also the activites in which the device will be used.

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