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Knee Sleeves & Knee Wraps

There are countless options in regards to knee sleeves and knee wraps. Often these are used when compression of the knee provides some support and pain relief. While the support may vary so to can the condition of the knee that needs this treatment option. Most designs do not provide a high level of support but work well in mild cases. When considering a knee sleeve or support, consider the following:

1. What is the brace made of? Neoprene is rubber based and while the brace may last longer the brace will be very hot to wear.
2. Are there any non elastic straps or metal joints? If the entire brace stretches there is very little support provide to the knee other than compression and warmth.
3. Does your patella (knee cap) require control? Many sleeves have a “doughnut” hole in the middle and indicate that this helps support the patella. In fact this is false as most sleeves cannot achieve patella support as your patella will travel inside the sleeve. There are special designs for cases where patella control is required.

-Mr. Al Heaver C.O. (c)

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