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For the last two years there has been a heavy amount of research, discussion, and planning around bringing digital shape capture technology and foam carving technology to Karl Hager Limb & Brace. This type of CAD/CAM technology would replace the traditional way of casting a person’s limb and then using plaster to create a positive shape of the limb. This positive mold is what is used to manufacture the custom brace today.
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Spectra 3D Scanner

After some exhaustive research and planning the day has finally come. We are in the process of adopting this new technology from Vorum Research, a Vancouver based company who have been leaders in this industry for over 25 years. This hand held 3D blue light scanner will replace the traditional way of wrapping casting tape around the patient’s limb. It uses a high quality LED projector and single camera to capture the 3D image. The scanning software provides immediate feedback and allows us to move and rotate the image, delete data we don’t want, or restart a scan from anywhere. The data from the 3D scanner is transferred to the computer software program to build the shape required for manufacturing. This special scanner allows us to scan any part of the body from head to toe and does so very efficiently.

The very unique part of this technology is the modification software we use to modify the shape, preparing it to be carved out of foam with a 3 axis carver. The Canfit software is loaded with interactive design tools and controls to help us modify the shape, assess fit, and prepare the positive model for manufacturing. We work directly on the scanned 3D shape and see all the modifications in real time while having the original shape to refer back to while making these changes. We can integrate and align photos and x-rays to the 3D scan to have actual reference to make specific modifications. This provides the upmost accuracy to changes we make.

The last piece of technology we have invested in is the 3-axis carver which brings all this work to life. This carver allows us to carve a wide range of prosthetic and orthotic positive shapes quickly and effectively. We load a specified carving foam block into the carver and the patient file to carve. The carver software program allows us to prepare the carving and once ready we simply press start and the foam block will automatically be positioned and carved. The foam block rotates while the carver removes material leaving the patient’s positive mold which is then used to manufacture the specific device required.

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