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Compression Socks for Maximum Footcare in Edmonton

At Karl Hager Limb & Brace in Edmonton, we offer VenoTrain medical compression socks from Bauerfeind, with various colours and styles available for daily use and sport activities. VenoTrain medical compression socks cover all uses and indications associated with modern compression therapy and also offer clinically proven effectiveness, unique material properties, and patient-oriented modern designs. A prescription is required for the VenoTrain medical compression socks. The Perfect-Fit sizing system developed by Bauerfeind on the basis of digital leg measurements offers unique flexibility in ensuring that medical compression socks from the standard product range fit perfectly.

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VenoTrain compression socks offer varying compression levels and types of socks for various requirements, daily or otherwise. Some of the popular products include:

view of a sports compression stocking

Compression Sock Training

This is a sports stocking meant for all ball sports, and provides light compression on special functional zones for protection while playing stop-and-go sports.

view of a blue compression sock

Compression Sock Performance

Meant specially for athletes playing endurance sports, such as running or cycling, this stocking provides noticeable compression that improves circulation, reduces muscle vibrations, and speeds up recovery.

VenoTrain business compression sock

VenoTrain business

The perfect companion at work for businesspeople, these stockings provide light to medium compression while you have to sit or stand in one place for prolonged periods of time.


Compression Socks for Daily Comfort

Whether you’re a sportsperson, businessperson, or looking for training socks, we have a wide range ready for you.

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