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Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses for Your Leg Bracing Needs in Edmonton

A knee ankle foot orthosis is also known as a KAFO. They are often utilized by patients with instabilities, arthritic joints, hyperextension of the knee, muscle weakness and or paralysis (i.e. polio). As there are many different reasons that a person may need to utilize a KAFO, there are many different designs for a KAFO based on necessity. They are full leg braces which encompass the thigh, knee, lower leg, and the foot. They provide stability around the knee and the ankle. There are a number of different KAFO designs available including various knee and ankle joints depending on the weakness or the instability of the leg. Some patients benefit from Stance Control KAFO designs where the brace provides knee stability through the various phases of gait. The knee locks and unlocks to allow for a more efficient walking pattern. KAFO devices are very unique and specialized with most options being hand crafted by us using either thermoplastic or prepreg carbon fibre. Our KAFO bracing experience is vast, with our prepreg carbon fiber designs being some of the lightest most supportive systems available.

The images below feature some of the work we do.


Quality KAFO Device

We provide the best braces and devices in the industry to help you manage your knee and muscle troubles.

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