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Edmonton’s Favourite Clinic for Knee Braces

At Karl Hager Limb & Brace, one of the most popular services that we offer is knee bracing. Our certified clinicians are well-experienced in providing professional care, helping manage knee injuries. We offer a range of knee braces to help you get back on your feet as smoothly as possible. Search through our products below if you know what you’re looking for, or give us a call, and one of our experienced team members will help you.

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Custom Knee Braces – Edmonton Made



With on-going developments in technology & materials The Knee Centre is excited to now offer the thinnest and lightest brace ever offered to date manufactured using prepreg carbon fiber! The design shown includes our new Tibial Containment System (TCS). The TCS compliments the brace design by providing greater ACL support as proven in a report completed by the University of Waterloo (2012). This design is available on the Victory, Accelerator, and Bladerunner custom knee braces.

Neutralizer O.A.

Neutralizer O.A.

The Neutralizer is for the person with medial or lateral Osteoarthritis. The Neutralizer corrects the knee alignment to a "neutral" position preventing bone on bone contact that creates pain in the knee.  This type of brace is often referred to as an "unloader" style arthritis knee brace. This proven technology permits reduction of knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. Increased comfort and stability from a brace can lead to greater mobility and enjoyment of recreational activities.  This alternative is a great solution when surgery is not yet an option or will be a long wait.

Flex X

Flex X

The Flex X is a cost sensitive option that is manufactured with the same design principles as the Double X.  This design also works well for post operative patients. The plastic shells are easily moldable for quick effective adjustments.



The Accelerator is another one of our custom graphite knee orthoses. This design works very well for hyperextension control and for ACL deficient knees. This sleek, open framework design is very comfortable and lightweight.

Double X

Double X

The Double X knee brace is not like most knee braces. This design offers a tremendous amount of support. If you have multiple ligamentous injuries and need a brace to support your knee then this is the brace for you. The Double X is great for a demanding user and those that participate in outdoor activities.

Motocross Double X

Motocross Double X

In this version we have altered the traditional Double X design. The most obvious change to the Double X is a molded patella cup that can be easily removed by the rider if not required for other activities. The patella cup can be personally customized to your requirements (i.e. maple leaf, numbers, lettering)



The Bladerunner is a great compliment to our line of knee braces. The design is flexible and has a very low profile.  The brace is very lightweight usually weighing around 500 grams. This brace can be used for mild ligament injuries and for hyperextension control.

Prosthetic Knee Orthosis (P.K.O.)

Prosthetic Knee Orthosis (P.K.O.)

We have taken our traditional Double X design and have incorporated the demands for a Below Knee (B.K.) amputee. This design shall give a B.K. amputee the option of applying the brace to their socket when needed for more demanding activities. The brace is easily applied with velcro and straps.

Stock Knee Braces

GenuTrain Knee Braces

GenuTrain Knee Braces

These new and innovative products are now available at Karl Hager Limb & Brace including the GenuTrain series for common knee issues. These German engineered and manufactured medical goods are unlike anything else in the marketplace. What makes these products so unique is the one piece medical grade compression active knit and the various viscoelastic pads that most designs contain.

Some of the specific features of the braces include:

Integrated Donning Aid - makes the product significantly easier to put on.
Soft Popliteal Area - a particularly thin active knit fabric at the hollow of the knee which increases wearing comfort, especially during movement.
Sizing Option - wide range of sizing options that includes eight different sizes.
Relaxed edges - the compression applied by the support eases off at the edges.
Breathable - the one piece active knit is gentle on the skin and regulates moisture levels.


A material blend of supplex and lyrca provides a soft, wicking material that promotes a better knee brace wearing experience.

Knee Patella Reliever

Thuasne Patella Reliever Knee Sleeve

The breathable Thuasne Patella Reliever knee sleeve provides relief from kneecap conditions, including Patello-Femoral Arthritis, Lateral Patellar Dislocations, Lateral Patellar Compression, and Chondromalacia.

Knee Genu Dynastab Large

Thuasne Genu Dynastab Knee Brace

This knitted knee brace is used to help those suffering from chronic laxity and mild to moderate sprain. Its increased stretch at your knee's back and around your thigh provides complete comfort.

The knee brace you need may not be featured here as we have access to many additional options. There are many different bracing options for all ligament injuries (i.e. MCL, LCL, PCL). Our clinical team can provide you with a recommendation to what brace is best suited for you. Call us today to schedule your complimentary assessment.

Knee Brace Fitting Guides


Do you own a custom Double X or Flex X knee brace from Karl Hager Limb & Brace?  Watch this knee bracing fitting guide to learn how to properly put on your knee brace.

Do you own a custom Victory, Accelerator, or Bladerunner knee brace from Karl Hager Limb & Brace? Watch this knee bracing fitting guide to learn how to properly put on your knee brace.

Do you own a custom Neutralizer OA knee brace from Karl Hager Limb & Brace? Watch this knee bracing fitting guide to learn how to properly put on your knee brace.


Comprehensive Knee Brace Clinic

Looking for a knee brace? We have many different designs and sizes available.

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