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Custom Foot Orthoses for Quality Footcare in Edmonton

Foot Orthotics In Edmonton - From Assessment to Fabrication 

Foot orthoses (a.k.a. insoles, arch supports, orthotics) are custom fabricated to an impression of your feet. Foot impressions or casts can be done in a number of ways based on patient need and orthotic type. There are many foot orthotic styles available depending on your specific needs and activities. During your initial appointment, an evaluation of your feet and a gait assessment will be performed by a Certified Pedorthist or Certified Orthotist. There is no cost to you for the evaluation appointment.

We provide a wide variety of foot orthotics to address a number of concerns. Some orthotics will help limit excessive pronation (collapse of the arch) for patients with flat feet (pes planus). Other types of foot orthotics help to properly position the foot (pes cavus, high arches). Some of the more common reasons for foot orthoses include forefoot pain, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis.

If necessary, modifications can be made to the orthotics to help distribute pressure along the bottom of your feet more effectively. Different materials can make them softer or harder depending on the need. Our custom foot orthotics are made on-site giving us the ability to make adjustments while you wait and foot orthotics can be made to fit to a variety of shoe types and styles. Many private insurance plans and government programs will cover some if not all of the costs of the foot orthoses. We recommend all patients to contact their insurance provider to confirm what is required to secure reimbursement. Often a report is required from us which we are pleased to provide when requested, at no additional cost to you. Contact us to help you alleviate pain and stay active because your foot health and mobility are essential.

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